We conceived OWLIE BOO as a special gift for our son, a toddler who is a fan of little animals and has a fascination with our computers. We started thinking of entertaining ways for him to learn the names and sounds of animals and, at the same time, to learn to use a computer responsibly. So we came up with the idea of creating a first series of very simple computer games that could be handled by toddlers and young children: by just pressing any key whatsoever, something happens on the computer screen.

We soon realized that we could also teach kids how to use a mouse through simple games as well, so we developed a second series of games: by just moving the mouse, kids can achieve some simple, fun goals. Finally, once kids have mastered the first two series, they are ready for the third series of games, which involve clicking and dragging objects.

All of our games have been proved and approved by our son, who also took part in their creation by providing voices to some characters. We hope that you will enjoy our website!